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Code of Conduct/Dress Code

Code of Conduct/Dress Code

As a condition of participation in the Kentucky Rural Electric Washington Youth Tour, all student participants (and their parents and/or guardians) must agree to follow the standards of conduct and dress that are listed below.


Code of Conduct

  1. Participants may not possess or use alcoholic beverages, drugs, or tobacco.
  2. Participants may not possess or use weapons such as firearms, fireworks, knives, etc.
  3. Participants may not possess or use laser pointing devices or similar devices of any type.
  4. Participants will be attentive, respectful, responsive, and courteous to all fellow program participants, chaperons, staff, speakers, etc.
  5. Participants will respect the rights and feelings of others at all times.
  6. Participants will, unless otherwise directed by the tour director, staff, or chaperons, wear name tags at all times.
  7. Participants will participate fully in all program activities.
  8. Participants will handle public and private property respectfully at all times.
  9. Participants will, following room check, remain in their assigned hotel rooms until the time of the next morning’s first activity.
  10. Participants will not enter the hotel rooms of participants of the opposite sex.
  11. Participants will not leave the hotel for any reason unless accompanied by a chaperon.
  12. Participants will always travel/sightsee in groups of two or more. No participant may travel/sightsee by him/herself.
  13. Participants will, when sightseeing without the direct supervision of a chaperon, return to the designated gathering point on or before the time indicated by the tour director.
  14. Participants will immediately report to the tour director any activities/statements made by other participants that may endanger the health/safety of our group.
  15. Participants will obey all local, state, and federal laws. Participants who fail to do so will be immediately turned over to the appropriate legal authorities for prosecution.
  16. Participants will follow the dress code indicated in the initial correspondence from the tour director.
  17. Participants will not use their cell phones during the trip except for the following times: (a) before breakfast and (b) following room check. Participants who do not adhere to this rule will surrender their cell phones to the tour director; said cell phones will not be returned to said participants until the conclusion of the trip.
  18. Participants will abide by any and all verbal and/or written instructions issued by the tour director, staff, and chaperons.
  19. Participants who do not abide by the above rules may, at the discretion of the tour director, be sent home in the most expeditious manner possible at the expense of their parent(s) and/or guardian(s).


Dress Code

A dress code is specified for each day of the tour.


Males: Suits or sport coats and ties

Females: Dresses, or dress pants suits

Both: No shorts, jeans, tennis shoes, flip-flops, or open-toe shoes. No bare midriffs. No heels higher than one inch.


Both: Jeans or dress shorts, shirts with collars, dressy tee shirts, and tennis shoes. No bicycle/exercise shorts, yoga pants, or leggings. No short shorts. No flip-flops. No open-toe shoes. No heels higher than one inch. All shorts must reach mid-thigh. No ultra-tight or ultra-revealing clothing.


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